How to Replace Kingroot with SuperSU On Any Android Device

Replace Kingroot with SuperSU: Here is the Simple tutorial with all possibilities to Remove Kingroot & Replace Kingroot with SuperSU App.

Android rooting has quite been easy with Kingroot application as it features the one click root option for most devices. After rooting with Kingroot application, You do get Kingroot app to manage root permission along with Purify app which is quite good in my opinion. But the default application to manage root permission is not that good as compare to Chainfires SuperSU which is Popular globally.

Replace Kingroot with SuperSU

Replace Kingroot with SuperSU

Most of the peoples wanted to remove Kingroot & want to install SuperSU App to manage all this stuff. Here in this post, you will get to know how to get rid of Kingroot, Replace/Remove Kingroot& Install SuperSU. We have discovered three methods to Change Kingroot to SuperSU go through them and let me know which works for you.

  • Kingroot vs. SuperSU Which one is better?

Honestly speaking the SuperSU is just awesome. As SuperSU holds some great features. Also, The app layout & interface is straightforward. Hence, Most of the people like SuperSU App to manage root permission.

Some Features of SuperSU App

  • Access prompt
  • logging & notifications
  • Works in Recovery
  • Tempory Unroot & Easy Unroot
  • Works with non-standard shell locations
  • Wake on Prompt
  • Various themes

Steps to Replace Kingroot with SuperSU On Any Android Device

There are a few methods are available to replace Kinguser with SuperSU Application which manages root permissions more easier than the default app provided by Kingroot which is Kinguser.

Method 1: Replace Kingroot Using SuperSU App Itself

This is the Easiest & Simplest method to Remove Kingroot, but for some devices, it doesn’t work. Hence, It’s better to try this method if it does not work then you can go with alternative methods.

  1. Download & Install SuperSU Application.
Developer: Codingcode
Price: Free

2. Open the application after installation & allow root permissions.

3. Now, The app will ask to update SuperSU Binary. Click allow & Choose Normal Method.

4. Reboot your phone & remove Kingroot application from your phone.

That’s it! This is the simplest method but only works with few devices. Hence, You can try your luck with this way or try other methods mentioned below.

Method 2: Replace Kingroot with SuperSU Using Terminal Emulator App

I recommend this method first because of this is the safe way to remove Kinguser and install SuperSU App on almost every Android Smartphone. On Some Blogs, they have mentioned that you need be expert or you need intermediate skills to use this method but trust me guys you just need to follow simple steps to make this happen. No need of any skills just follow the following steps carefully, and you’re ready to go.

In this method, we will Replace Kinguser with SuperSU APK using Terminal Emulator Android Application using Some Commands. So, Let’s get Started?


  • Terminal Emulator Android Application
  • Replace Kingroot with SuperSU Zip (Download Here)

1. Download & Install Terminal Emulator Android Application on your device first.

Terminal Emulator for Android
Terminal Emulator for Android

2. Extract the download file in your internal storage of this device which you have downloaded from the above list.

3. Now, Open the Terminal Emulator app on your mobile & type the following commands and hit enter.

4. Type this command to Grant Root access to Terminal Emulator application.


After hitting enter, The Pop up will appear asking for “Root Permissions.” You have to allow the application.

5. When you grant permission, you need to write the following code to change Kingroot with SuperSU.

sh /sdcard/mrw/

It will take some time & this will show some processes. May be some time it will show an error just ignore it and wait for 2-3 Minutes.

6. After this, it will Launch “SuperSU” App automatically, if not then manually open the application from the App Drawer.

7. The SuperSU App will ask you to update “Superuser Binary.” Click Continue button to update them & also select Normal Mode.

8. Now, Restart your Smartphone to continue.

So, This was the guide to do that. You have successfully replaced Kingroot to SuperSU using Terminal Emulator Commands. If you face any problems during this process then you can comment down below & You can post Screenshots also in the comment section.

Method 3: Replace KingRoot with SuperUser using SuperSU Me Pro App

Here is the another Method to Change Kingroot Superuser to SuperSU. Now, In this method will use SuperSU Me Pro Application to do this. You could try this method if the above method didn’t work for you. Please note that we are not responsible for if your device gets bricked during this process. Hence, Proceed at your own risk.

1. Download SuperSU Me Pro App from that link first.

2. Install this app on your smartphone. Open the app at first this will ask for Root access. Just allow the app to do that.

3. The app will show the Big Green Android Button, Tap it normally.

4. It will start replacing Kingroot with SuperSU. Usually, it will take 2-3 Minutes to complete. Wait till it completes the process. It will launch SuperSU After completing the process.

Now, You can remove the SuperSU Me Application. So, this was the another method to get rid of Kingroot application. Don’t forget to share this post if any method works for you.

Video Tutorial to Remove Kingroot & Install SuperSU:

Wrapping it Up

So, This are the three methods to Remove Kingroot & Install SuperSU Application. As the SuperSU App give you better control on root permission & the app interface is very simple. I have tested all the method with different devices. The Root exploit is different according to every manufacturer & Smartphone. Hence, One then another method will work for you. If you like this post, then please don’t forget to share this along with your friends.