Download SuperSU v2.82 For Android

If you are the one who is interested in Android Developing then you must be heard about Rooting the phone. The overall rooting process for any general device is Unlocking bootloader, Flashing TWRP Recovery & then Flash supersu or Magisk root to grant root access on Phone. Here is the ultimate post to Download SuperSU Flashable Zip & SuperSU APK file to Root your Android Phone & Manage this root access using this Application.

Whenever you want to Root Android device then many Forums, Blogs & experts suggest you to install SuperSU. Now, The supersu comes in two files one APK & second one as a Zip. You will not get root permissions by just install APK file on your device. To Grant root access you must have to install Su binaries on that Phone.

Hence, The Flashable zip file given contains all the Su binaries & also it automatically installs the Application on your device just by flashing through TWRP/CWM Recovery.

What is SuperSU?

SuperSU is an android Root system developed by Chainfire to grant root access & manage root permissions on your device for installed apps.

The Recovery Flashable SuperSU Zip install SuperSU Binaries on the device & also installs SuperSU App by using this you can manage root permissions.

Whenever you install a new app and if that app needs root privileges of your system then you can give root permission to that particular app using this app. Also, You can remove permissions or can give temporary root permission to that app from the app. This is from one of best apps to manage root permissions on your Android device.

Features of SuperSU

The app comes with some excellent features which are mentioned below.

  • Simple Interface

The app interface is very user-friendly & you will love to use this app to manage root permissions. The app comes with 2 modes which are Light & Dark mode which user can use according to his choice. There are 5 unique Icons are available for SuperSU. Select any icon you want to show in Launcher.

You can manage all root permissions very easily from the Dashboard. Also, you are able to give permissions for any apps for the specific time.

  • Easily Unroot

You can easily unroot your device if OTA Update has arrived for your device. You can remove the Root Permissions permanently or temporary as it holds both settings.

  • Supports Most Devices

If you want to Root your device using SuperSU then you need to flash file using any custom recovery which will install both SuperSU binary & SuperSU Application on your Android Phone. Then you are ready to take advantage of the rooted device.

Some Other Features of SuperSU Root:

  • OTA survival mode
  • Hidden mode
  • Covert to /system app
  • Pin protection
  • Adjust auto deny countdown

SuperSU Zip Download | Recovery Flashable

Here is the latest version of SuperSU flashable zip file which you can install using any Custom Recovery.

Older Versions of SuperSU Flashable Zip:

VersionDownload Link
SuperSU v2.79Download
SuperSU v2.78Download
SuperSU v2.76Download
SuperSU v2.72Download

SuperSU APK Download

Whenever you flash the Recovery installable SuperSU file on your phone it Automatically installs the SuperSU App on the phone. But still, if you have installed SU Binaries and wanted and APK File then here are the SuperSU App Download links.

Download Free Version on Google Play Store:

Developer: Codingcode
Price: Free

Download Pro Version on Google Play Store:

SuperSU Pro
SuperSU Pro
Developer: Codingcode
Price: $3.75

Alternate Download Links:

Changelog: 26 May 2017

- su: Fix su.d scripts running in the wrong mount context (introduced by ODP sdcardfs fix)
- CCMT: Remove Feedback screen and associated permissions

(v2.81 = v2.79 SR3 with patched version code)

How to Flash SuperSU Using TWRP  & Root Android Device

Installing SuperSU is a very easy if you have installed a custom Recovery on the phone.

1. Download Latest SuperSU & Place the downloaded zip file in the internal storage of the phone.

2. Now, Boot your device into Recovery mode(TWRP/CWM). Generally, You can boot into Recovery Mode by Pressing Power On + Volume Down button.

Depending on the OEM there different methods to boot into recovery mode. You can google it for your phone.

3. From the Recovery interface Choose “Install“.

4. Locate the downloaded Zip file & click “Swipe to Confirm Flash“.

5. It will flash Su binaries within seconds. After flashing reboot the phone.

That’s it! We have successfully installed SuperSU on your device & Device is rooted now.

Credits: This app & root system is developed by Chainfire hence all the credit goes to them.

Alternative to SuperSU

As the world knows, everything has an alternative option and the same thing applies to Supersu app. The best alternative for supersu is the Magisk Root System.

This was the overall post to download this root system. The app is extremely easy to use & has the good interface. However, Magisk Root prefers more features than this.

We will soon cover F.A.Q Section for this post. So, Stay tuned for it. Please comment your quires related to this in the comment box.

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