List of Some Useful ADB & Fastboot Commands

Ultimate List of ADB Fastbot Commands: If you own Android device then you must be heard about ADB or Fastboot. Previously, We have shared 15 Seconds ADB Installer & Minimal ADB & Fastboot driver to install this driver on your PC. Now, We are heading towards some most useful ADB Commands & Fastboot Commands with the use of that particular command.

ADB(Android Device Bridge) is the set of commands which help you in various Android operations. You can control system portions of Android with this which you can not control normally. Now, All these commands help you in Flashing Custom Recoveries like TWRP, CWM, Philz Recovery. You can unlock bootloader of your device within few seconds & Also, they are most helpful in a case of Bootloop or if the device is bricked. This helps us in flashing Stock Firmware on the device.

If you aren’t familiar with this commands then don’t worry Read out the whole commands with the functions of each one.


Install ADB/Fastboot Drivers – You must need to install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your computer. Don’t ever think to try this commands because they don’t gonna work on it. You can check out the guide & Download links below to install ADB/Fastboot drivers on your Windows, Mac or Linux OS.

Enable USB Debugging – Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging to use ADB Commands. To Enable USB Debugging,

Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap 7-8 times on Build number. This will enable Developer option on your device.

Get back to Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging from the menu.

List of Some Useful ADB & Fastboot Commands

There are a lot of both ADB & Fastboot Commands are available. If you want to figure out the all available Commands I have a solution for you! Just enter the wrong command in ADB or Fastboot mode. Huge list of Commands will appear with their functions.

To find some General & Useful command to General Android user check out the list below.

Basic ADB Commands

adb devices

This command is used to check connected devices to your computer over ADB. This the pretty basic adb command and whenever you’re doing something with ADB you surely gonna use that.

If you are doing any operation with ADB you must need to check whether your device is connected to your computer or not hence. We use this command to get back the list of attached devices to your computer. When you hit this command it shows the connected devices with Device ID as shown in above screenshot.

adb reboot

Use this command to Restart your smartphone. It will reboot your device normally.

adb reboot -bootloader

To boot into Download mode/Fastboot mode run this ADB Command. It will be helpful to you in Unlocking bootloader or Flashing firmware.

adb reboot recovery

If you want to boot into Recovery Mode directly without pressing the key combinations then enter this command. Press enter to directly boot into recovery mode.

adb push (Source) (destination)

If you want to transfer a file to your device from personal computer. Then use this command in Source write path of the file which is stored in your computer & at destination path of mobile where you want to send that specific file.

adb pull

Using this command you can transfer a file from Smartphone to computer Via ADB.

adb sideload

Installing Flashable zip file using ADB Sideload is easy with command. To use this you must have to install Custom recovery on your phone. In Custom recovery section make sure that you have enabled ADB Sideload option. Now, You can flash any Custom ROM or Zip file using adb sideload command.

Complete List of ADB Commands

Below is the table of almost all useful ADB Command for a day to day usage. If we haven’t listed any command then please do comment below or wait till we update our Post.

ADB CommandFunction
adb devices List of attached devices to computer.
adb rebootRestart your smartphone.
adb reboot -bootloaderReboot to Bootloader/Fastboot/Download Mode.
adb reboot recoveryReboots device into recovery mode.
adb reboot fastboot Reboot your device into fastboot mode.
adb get-serialnoGet Serial number of connected devices.
adb install (application package name).apk To install applications over ADB.
adb install -r (application package name).apk If you have already installed app & want to update it.
adb unistall package_name.hereUnistall application using ADB
adb unistall -k package_name.hereUnistall application but keep Cache & Data.
adb push (source) (destination)Copy file from computer to smartphone.
adb pull Copy file from phone to computer.
adb shell (Command)Run command in the terminal on the host android device.
adb backupCreate backup of your phone & store it to your computer.
adb restoreRestore backup to your phone.
adb sideloadPush & Install Flashable Zip file or Custom ROM on your device.
adb logcatShows you real time log of your device.
adb start-serverStarts ADB Servers Processes.
adb kill-serverStops ADB Server Processes.

Basic Fastboot Commands

The use of ADB compare to Fastboot is very less. Because fastboot has some extra ability to develop your device. You can Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery & even can flash stock firmware on your phone. Below, We have listed out some basic & useful Fastboot OEM commands.

fastboot devices

As like ADB, This command shows you the list of connected devices to your computer in the fastboot mode.

fastboot reboot

Normally reboot your phone.

fastboot reboot recovery

To reboot directly into Recovery mode use the above command. It will restart and boot into Recovery of your smartphone.

fastboot oem unlock

The unlocking bootloader of some major OEM likes OnePlus, Android One devices, YU, HTC Devices becomes much easier with this. Write the command & Hit enter to unlock bootloader within few minutes.

fastboot oem lock

After unlocking the bootloader if you still want to lock the bootloader again then you can use the above command in fastboot mode.

fastboot oem device-info

You can check bootloader status of your device. Check whether your Phones bootloader is unlocked or locked with this. Check out the screenshot below which will give you a better idea about this.

fastboot flash recovery filename.img

This is the most used & useful command. If you want to install Custom recovery on the device or any kind of recovery on your OEM do use this command. Make sure that you have replaced filename.img to the file name of your recovery.

fastboot boot filename.img

If you want to boot into any recovery without installing Recovery on your phone then do use this command. You can keep Stock recovery and install file with this command.

Complete List  of Fastboot Commands

If you are looking for the more Fastboot command then Check out the table given below.

Fastboot CommandFunction
fastboot devicesShows Connected devices on your computer.
fastboot rebootTo reboot your device.
fastboot reboot recovery To boot your device into Recovery mode.
fastboot oem unlockUnlock your bootloader with this command.
fastboot oem lockRelock your phones bootloader,
fastboot oem device-infoCheck bootloader Lock/Unlock Status.
fastboot flash recovery (filename).imgFlash recovery using fastboot mode.
fastboot boot (filename).img Boot directly into recovery without installing that recovery.
fastboot flash file.zipFlash flashable zip file from fastboot mode.
fastboot getvar cidDisplay CID of your phone

So this was the list of Some Useful Fastboot & ADB Commands. This commands are most commonly used & enough for any average Android users who don’t want to go deep inside it. Make sure that you have setup ADB & Fastboot driver on your computer to use those commands.

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